Black Desert Crafting System

In our latest part of the journey through the second CBT of Black Desert we will take a look at the resource gathering and processing features, and talk a little about the Crafting System.

In the first Let’s Craft episode you’ll see how the Wood Cutting works, from learning the profession to acquiring the needed tools, and finally the Wood Processing part that takes place inside our house.

In the second Let’s Craft episode we talk about Skinning and Leather Processing, one of the few actions that can be done anywhere once you have obtained the needed knowledge. If you don’t know how the knowledge system works you should take a look at our previous articles, but for the crafting part we can say that the traditional crafting recipes were replaced with the crafting knowledge.

You will also see one of the unique features available in Black Desert, the NPC Worker system that allows you to hire workers and send them at different nodes in order to collect various resources. There are several types of resources, especially those that are unlocked by opening a node, that can only be gathered by the NPC workers.

Another interesting approach to the game’s economy is the localized Auction House. You are probably used to get to the nearest city in order to auction your items or to search for a weapon/armor, but in Black Desert you won’t find that type of Auction House. Each city has some sort of stalls where players can sell their items (the stalls are localized and have different offers). Each stall has a total of 13 pages and in order to sell your item you have to pay a tax (set by the owner of the city) and an “advertising price”. The highest advertisers will be placed on the front pages allowing the owner to get more visibility from the potential customers. The second way to sell your items is by accessing the “player shops” that can be found all over the main cities.

In the third episode you can see how the Cooking works and you will learn how to obtain the needed materials by planting seeds and harvesting plants at your tent (this is your portable farm) or buy purchasing various things like sugar from the local merchants.

The final episode shows you how to craft an armor. In order to craft the armor you need several ingots, an advanced type of leather, a weaker armor, a forge (your house needs to be upgraded into a forge in order to craft armors) and a special NPC that will do the work (there are three tiers of workers). All classes seems to share the same type of armors (the looks changes based on your character), but I guess this system will be changed in the next beta tests.

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