Black Desert CBT2

Hello Black Desert fans. I had some serious health problems, but now I’m feeling better so let’s get back on track. We have a lot of interesting features to talk about today, things like trading, enchanting, NPC relation and intimacy system.


In Black Desert we have two types of item enhancement. First of all we have the socketing system which allows us to place a rune in order to increase or add a specific stat. Each type of armor has a specific rune that can be socketed (blue rune for armor, red for weapon and so on), but there are some rare runes that can be placed on any piece of equipment. Runes can be acquired from mobs or bought from a specific merchant (the common ones). If you already unlocked the option, you can access it any time, anywhere by summoning your black spirit, as you can see in the video below.

The second enhancement option is the upgrading system that allows us to “plus” our gear by using the black stones, enchant items that can only be obtained by killing mobs or bosses. For this option we have only 2 types of stones, blue for armor and red for weapon. Upgrading an item has a chance to fail, and this chance is related to the karma system. In Black Desert you have a certain amount of karma points that decreases when you are killing other players or pick-pocketing NPCs and increases when you are killing mobs. A higher number of karma points mean a higher chance to successfully upgrade an item. At higher levels, you will also unlock a new option that will allow you to increase this chance by spending more black stones. It will increase the costs of upgrading, but will provide a better chance.

Trading System

As you probably noticed in our Let’s Play series, mobs don’t drop any gold, so in order to obtain it you can either sell trash items or trade different “goods” from one city to another. The trading system in CBT2 allows us to carry the package ourselves (a system similar to ArcheAge) or to hire a carriage. The trading system is based on supply and demand so you need to carefully plan your trade runs in order to obtain profit. You can’t just buy a random item from your local farm and go with it to the nearest village and expect to make a profit. Not checking the prices prior to your trading run will end up with you losing money as we did in our video.

NPC Relation & Intimacy System

Throughout your Black Desert adventure you will gain “knowledge” by meeting and talking with specific NPCs, discovering different locations including the hidden ones, and looting “knowledge scrolls” from different types of mobs. Acquiring enough knowledge on certain topics will unlock the intimacy mini-game with different NPCs. By reaching a specific point of intimacy with an NPC you will unlock different perks. Merchants will sell you better items or give you a discount, Quest NPCs will give you access to new quests or give you better rewards, while other NPCs will give you additional knowledge or even buffs.

As a bonus we have a short video that showcases the so-called “Screenshot Mode” that enhances your usual screens with the zoom option, camera position and different effects. For those of you who prefer to record there is an option that allows you to perform different actions and skills in slow motion.

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