Black Desert CBT2

We continue our Black Desert journey through a long rainy night, where our local farmer lost some of his sheep. Luckily we were there just in time to help him find his missing flock. The next video shows the Dynamic Weather System and the Day & Night cycle in action. I’m telling you that you never saw such a detailed weather system in any MMORPG until now, but you don’t have to believe me, just watch the video.

Around level 10 you are able to obtain your first mount, a donkey. In the first part of our next video you can see the different options available when you obtain a mount, such as the 7 slot inventory and the “parking” system that allows you to recover your mount stamina (used when running), while in the second part you’ll see the basics of the Fishing System, including the mini-game.

As promised in the Black Desert – A journey through CBT2 – Part 1 we are also going to cover the new Housing System. A lot of things have changed since CBT1 and now we have an instanced system, but it may change again due to the feedback they are already receiving.

As explained in the video, after you find a city that suits your needs, you’ll have to unlock a housing node (with your contribution points) and then transform it into a real house (for free). After unlocking it, you have several options to make it a Forge house, a Carpenter house, etc. in order to be able to craft or process different types of resources.

Another interesting feature is the Trophy system that allows you to loot a trophy from different mobs and place it inside your house in order to obtain different buffs.

The overall system is good, but many people including myself hate the instanced part and would like to see Pearl Abyss taking a sandbox approach, giving players the power to build their own house if they desire. There can even be a mixed system where you get to build a house in the wilderness or rent one inside a city.

In Part 3 we will be showing the Trading System and The Enchanting feature so stay with us as we continue to bring you the latest Black Desert news & updates.

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