While most people tend to focus on the combat aspects of a game, most MMORPGs have a big economic aspect to gameplay aswell. I for one think that a good MMORPG must have a good ingame economy, and in fact it is what eventually makes or break PvP (and I mean PvP as a whole, not just the random combat encounter where you must kill each other).

Hence why I will here expose my knowledge of how the in game Economy of Black Desert works. Expect in depth (relatively speaking) analysis of the current features.

For starters, let’s pretend I’m a good writer (fuck no i’m not) and try to structure this topic. The basic of economy starts with resources, so I will first go through that before discussing about crafting (manufacturing)! When all of that is done we can take a look at trading.

1. Resources

  • Gathering

This, for me, is the fun part about the crafting in this game. Let’s try to be even more structured and divide this in two parts. Manual Gathering and automatic gathering.

So first and foremost, manual gathering. No big surprises here, like most MMORPGs you will randomly encounter gatherable resources in the game world. Unlike most games however, it is clearly part of the game’s decoration. Resources do not magically respawn. All trees and rocks you see can be gathered. And, there are several types of them. I have encountered maple trees, birch, and several other kinds. Several resources also means several tools to gather:

-Pickaxe: for your iron and other minerals

-Axe: for your lumberjack needs

-Syringe: extract that sap

-2 types of knives: one to extract the bones and one to skin (only works on animal-ish mobs for obvious reasons)

-billhook: for herbalists wannabe.

Black Desert Gathering Tools

So all you need to do here is equip the appropriate tool and go around gathering the resources you need. With tier 1 tools, it usually take between 60s to 40s to be gathered. You can craft higher quality tools or buy them from certain NPCs with faction points(will discuss these points later), which reduces the time it takes to gather. You also need to equip the tool to be able to gather, and be careful not to lose the unequipped ones if you die.

Black Desert Gathering

We then take a look at automatic gathering, this feature is tied in with the nodes you unlock in the game world, which I will explain later on.

All you basically need to do is have the proper node unlocked, and some workers at your disposal. These can be bought from an NPC, and are localized as well. Meaning the workers you buy in one town will only work in that one area. They have a limited amount of usage, but it is apparently possible to upgrade them/reset their usage limit through the town menu (at the expense of what, I sadly do not know). Workers available during CBT1 were Goblins, Dwarves, and Orcs. They also had several tiers, with higher tiers being more expensive to buy. I am not sure what difference the higher tiers have with the lower ones.

The next screenshot shows the map, with the workers icon highlighted by the red circle. Their location is shown in real time on the map.

Black Desert Resource Map

By accessing the map you can then click on the node and send your worker to it. These will gather whatever resource is available there, and come back deposit it in the warehouse/bank in town for you. Most nodes I have seen take 30 minutes to be gathered.

Black Desert

  • Processing Resources

That’s right, you can’t just pick up raw resources and use it right away, no no no. Some resources need to be processed in order to be used in crafting.

Processing actions:







Black Desert Resource Processing Menu

Not all seemed to work yet, as some items could be added in the processing window, but would not give any result (only some types of leather seemed to be dry-able for instance). It’s possible to process items anywhere as the ‘tool’ will magically show up, except for heating which requires you to buy a flint to create a fire camp first (said fire camp can be created anywhere for decoration if you wish).

Processing is rather tedious at the moment since once again you just click and wait. The only fun part was to experiment and see which resources could be processed. No doubt by release there will be thousands of guides telling what can be processed into what and thus killing that fun though.

  • Crafting

Now crafting is the end of the chain, but it will be a short discussion since this part is pretty simple.

Once the materials are gathered, and you have unlocked the workshop node, you can just select from a list of items, the one you want to craft. Your workers then do the rest. The workshop had some tools that leads me to believe it might be available in the next betas to craft yourself. It is also possible to buy a crafting station for your house but I did not get the chance to try it. However, from reading korean guides, it seems it offers more options of items to craft.

Black Desert

If you want to learn more about Black Desert‘s Economy check Part II: Map Nodes and Enchanting System.

Article made by Amaterasu.

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