In Part I we showed you how to gather and process resources, while in Part II we revealed some details about the Map Nodes and Enchanting System. Now let’s see how Trading (Market, Transporting and Auction House) looks like in Black Desert.

4. Trading

So, let’s assume we now have resources and nodes unlocked, that are all connected. First thing we would want is of course to store the goods we have.

  • Market

Warehouses/banks are localized, so anything stored in one town cannot be retrieved in another town. Same goes for the auction house and the trading NPC. But what is the trading NPC? Well it’s an NPC you can sell resources to. You would expect to be able to sell said resources to any NPC, but nope. Mobs don’t drop money, they drop junk items (or sometimes gear/black stones/potions and even ‘intel’ used to unlock a piece of lore in your ‘compendium’) which can be indeed sold to any merchant NPC.

Resources however, can only be sold to that NPC (assuming you do not want to sell it to a player). And an interesting aspect to it is that not only it’s localized, but the NPC follows the offer/demand scheme. Meaning, the more particular resource is sold to that NPC, the lower is its value. So if you have a ton of iron, and try to sell it to a market overflooded with iron sold by other players, you won’t get much money. However, if you visit another town that do not have any iron (again the market is localized), you could make a big margin of gold. This is another really interesting aspect of Black Desert’s economy.

The screen below shows the Trading NPC and the ongoing prices for certain items as well as their trend

Black Desert Market NPC

  • Transporting

Now, you also need to move around all these resources. Characters have a weight limit so it could be tricky. You also drop items upon death. So it is probably wiser to use a fast and more efficient way of travelling…such as a carriage! In fact the game allows you to hire a NPC carriage to transport goods from a town to another. However you need to have these 2 towns connected first. And while I did not get to try it myself, players are supposedly able to PK NPCs. Meaning some ill-intended player could very well attack the carriage full of iron you hired.

Players can also buy their own carriage. So I expect big guilds to make caravans with several player riding their carriages while others guildies escort them. Anyone played EvE?

  • Auction House

Now that covers it for NPC trading, but you can also very well sell it through the auction house. This one works like other games. You can bid, or just out right buy the item. Of course they are localized as well, so expect different prices depending on the town. There is also a tax for selling through the auction house, which possibly goes to the guild who owns the castle? I’m not sure about it but it would make sense. It remains fairly classic in the way it works but the fact that it is localised makes it 10 times better for the economy than in other games. Let’s be honest, globalized auction house is no good.

Black Desert Auction House


Article made by Amaterasu

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