After learning about the tools needed for gathering, the several types of resources, and the processing system in Black Desert – A look at the economy Part I, it’s time to take a closer look at the Map Nodes and the Enchanting System.

2. Map Nodes

This could actually be the most important part about crafting. Opening the in-game maps reveals many icons. Most of those are called nodes (even in Korean they are literally called nodes, albeit written in hangul alphabet).

There are several types: Towns, Workshops, Resources (mines, lumberjack areas, farms), Outposts, and Crossroads.

Each has a different task. Workshop for crafting, resources nodes to gather resources (duh), and outposts/crossroads to connect nodes between each other. Because yes, you need to connect them.

You could think of it like those RTS/Town building games such as SimCity. In order for your workers to head to the nodes, they need to have a road connecting the town where they depart from, to the selected node. This is shown by a blue trailroad on the map. Resources nodes next to town are easy since you can send your workers there as soon as it’s unlocked, but for nodes further away from town, you need to unlock outposts and crossroads to reach said nodes.

Now how exactly do you unlock nodes? Let’s take a quick look at the Black Desert lore first, we know there are several factions at war (however this is by no means a RvR game, the factions are just part of the NPCs lore.). During CBT1, two  factions were present, and each owned a piece of the explorable land. We had the Valenos faction in the northern part (land around Velia Port, the starting town) and the Serendia faction in the south (land around the castle city of Haidel, where the siege happened). Doing quests in one area or the other would give you Faction points. So, say I did quests in the area owned by Serendia, I would get points toward that particular faction.

The next screenshot is a look at the map, where red square shows the crest of the Serendia faction (and the points I have) who owns the land around Haidel (town marked by the red circle). The big logo above Haidel is the logo of the guild who owns the castle.

Black Desert Map

These are the points you need to unlock nodes. But as you can expect you can only use the points you have from a particular faction to unlock the nodes in the area the said faction owns. So for a node located in Valenos territory, I needs the points from the Valenos faction.

Each node also cost a different amount. 50 for resources nodes, 1 for workshop, 30 for outposts, 15 for crossroads.
With enough points at your disposal, all it takes to unlock is to find the correct NPC. However keep in mind some NPCs will not offer you their services unless you have done some pre-requisite quests or have a high affinity with them (which I will not detail in here because the whole affinity with NPCs thing kinda deserves its own topic). NPCs in Black Desert also have their ‘own life’, going to bed at night, or during the day. So if you find the NPC camping location (usually made clear by the flag they have next to them), but no NPC there, odds are you need to wait either night or day time.

The nodes of the same type I unlocked all seemed to give different resources. For example the mine near Velia port gave me iron while the one near Haidel gave me copper. So either it’s meant to be like this, or I can gain access to more resources by upgrading the nodes, because yes they can be upgraded. The options were greyed out in CBT so I am not sure if I need a better affinity with the NPC or if it wasn’t available, but I could hypothetically upgrade the efficiency of the node, the amount of resources collected and so on. So it is probably possible to also upgrade the variety of resources.

3. Enchanting/Upgrading

Once crafted you can also upgrade your gear or even enchant. Gear with slots can be imbued with an enchant stone (bought at an NPC or looted on mobs). Each color belongs to a different piece of gear (red for weapons, etc) and have a different effect. Here are the stones that I have seen in this beta:

Red gems (weapons):
-Increased damage
-Increased accuracy
-Increased damage against certain types of mobs (humanoids/monsters/etc…)

Blue (armor):
-reduce damage taken
-Increase HP regen
-Increase MP regen
-Increase max HP
-Increase max MP

Yellow (gloves)
-Increase resistance to grabs (a form of CCs, giant and warriors have such skill for instance)
-Increase crit chance
-increase attack speed

Green (shoes)
-Increase resistance to knock backs
-Increase running speed
-Increase jumping power

Purple (hat)
-Increase resistance to fear
-Increase casting speed
-Increase dodge chance
-Increase viewing distance (????)

Grey (any slot)
-Increase drop chance (oooohAAAAh)

I was told a slot can be created if the piece of gear do not have one but I do not know how.

Black Desert Enchanting Gemstones

Upgrading works similarly. You need a special stone (obtained only from loot from what I have seen). The one with purple aura upgrades weapon while the one with blue aura is for armor pieces. Upgrading seems to increase the defense/attack value as well as the max durability. A little +1/+2/etc will tell you the lvl as in other MMOs. I do not know if it is possible to fail though.

If you want to learn more about Black Desert‘s Economy check Part III: Trading

Article made by Amaterasu

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