Black Desert CBT Part 1

A few hours ago the Korean CBT for Black Desert has started. This Closed Beta Test will run from October 17 to October 23 and access will be available through waves. Each day a new feature will be tested as the following schedule shows:

October 17 & 18 – Quest & Combat System
October 19 – Housing System October 20 – Guilds system and the first siege
October 21 & 22 – Trading System & Npc Relations
October 23 – PvP system and the second siege

Beta Opening

During the first Black Desert CBT streams aren’t allowed, but labeled Beta videos will be available. I am going to keep you updated with the latest videos and screenshots from Korea and Russia as soon as they are available.

Things covered so far:

1. Opening Cinematic

2. Jumping System and its use

3. Fishing System

Black Desert – Opening Cinematic

Black Desert – Jumping System

If you didn’t join the hype-train yet, check our Black Desert Preview and keep an eye open for more videos and screens.

Update 1:  It looks like the jumping system will have different purposes in-game, helping players to complete special quests and who knows, maybe jumping puzzles will be added later. Below are some screenshots showcasing a “Save the cats” quest, where you will need to climb the buildings around the city in order to fulfill the task.

Save The Cats s1

Save the cats s2

Save the cats s3

Save the cats s4

I think you already understand what I’m talking about, but just in case at 1:44 in the video below you can see the actual quest.

Update 2: We saw the Opening Cinematic and the new jumping system so now it’s time to take a fishing trip, another system showcased in Black Desert CBT Day 1. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like fishing will have two phases: the first part when you will throw your fishing rod and lure back your prey (in a good or perfect move) and the second part where you will have to play a mini-game (by pushing WASD in a requested order) to successfully catch the fish.

Fishing System s1

Fishing System s2

In the fishing video below it looks like if you do a perfect catch you will skip the mini-game. I’m not 100% sure about it, will try to dig up more info soon.

Sources: Inven, ThisIsGame and Goha

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