Black Desert CBT Castle Owners

The long awaited CBT Day 4 just finished and info about the first Black Desert siege are being released. I know you all want to know how PvP and massive battles look like, but you will need to wait a few more hours.

Weather Effects

A new feature was tested this morning and even if players report drastic FPS drops during lightning strikes, with a good further optimization this feature will complete the living world feel that we all desire. I’m already imagining small guild groups advancing towards enemies under the fog or during a night storm.

First Siege

Below you will find some wonderfull screenshots from the siege battlefield posted from Goha forums.

Black Desert CBT First Siege s1

Black Desert CBT First Siege s2

Black Desert CBT First Siege s4

Siege system in Black Desert is very similar with Lineage 2, and I say this as a good thing. Once your Guild or Alliance registered for siege you will have to fight your way towards the castle. Battles are taking place all over the world, outside of town, on the way to the castle and on the siege battlefield. If you managed to survive and reach the castle your guild will need to break down the doors and rush to the Castle Statue and destroy it.

Black Desert CBT Siege s6

The first guild that destroys this statue will be declared the winner and all other guilds will be ported out and they will be spawned in town. All castle door will be rebuilt and the new castle owners will have to defend it until the siege period is over.

Black Desert CBT First Siege s3

For this CBT the siege and PvP test lasted for three hours so we don’t know for sure how long a siege will take or how many castles will be available in the final version. Rumors are saying that there will be 12 castles (unconfirmed yet). As for PvP, Black Desert can be the first game to replace Lineage 2 after 10 years, by bringing a free Open World PvP system with PK (player killing) features and death penalties (at the moment, when you die you lose XP and have a small chance to drop items from your inventory). I’m using „can be” because we don’t know how this system will apply. We saw it in action, but it’s unclear if it will be on all the time, during siege periods or if they’ll make a special hardcore server with free PvP.

I just hope they will have the courage to continue with this system so we can finally get a good Open World PvP MMO. Localization will also bring new problems when it comes to PvP because our Western Market is turning more „carebear” these days (some of you will disagree with me for sure, but that’s the sad reality).

CBT Recap:  Day 1 - Combat System, Day 2 - Questing and Exploring, Day 3 – Housing System & Mini-games

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