Black Desert Lan Party s2

During today’s Media Lan Party that took place in Korea, Black Desert developer PearAbyss and their publisher Daum announced the details for the first closed beta test.

Black Desert Lan Party s3

From October 17th to October 23th, 2013 Korean players (there will be an IP-block) will be able to test Black Desert. The Closed Beta Test will include four playable classes: Fighter, Sorceress, Ranger and Predator, combat system, mounting combat, over 270 quests, housing system, boss battles and castle sieges. The level cap for this test session will be set at level 40.

In a recent interview Kim Dae, Producer for Black Desert said that the current level cap can be achieved in around 30 playable hours, but he assured the fans that there are many more interesting things awaiting them beside the character level progression.  Several testers reported that the game is kind of hard, but when Kim was asked if he’s going to change the difficulty level he said “… we won’t touch it because hard difficulty is a Black Desert feature. If games are too easy, people won’t feel a sense of accomplishment.” In the end Kim said that they have a plan for a mobile application also, but he didn’t decide when to add it.

Black Desert Lan Party s1

There are some new gameplay videos that we will show in a future post, so come back in an hour or so. For more details about Black Desert check our Preview.

UPDATE: You can check the Media Lan Party Video Collection here.

NOTE: Black Desert is becoming very popular these days so take care of the scam sites that are giving away free beta keys or invites. The only way you can register for the closed beta test is through Black Desert official site.

Source: Inven

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