Black Desert GM Note

In the latest GM Note published on the Black Desert official site, Pearl Abyss teased the second Closed Beta phase with a series of screenshots (click on them to zoom) showcasing a new location (a fishing village), some new monsters, a few environment screens and a new siege weapon (ballista).

Black Desert CBT2 Fishing Village  Black Desert CBT2 Fishing Village  Black Desert CBT2 Fish Merchant

Black Desert CBT2 Ballista Black Desert CBT2 Ballista

Black Desert 2nd Closed Beta will be launched in the first quarter of 2014. Even if Pearl Abyss proved that they are working on an English version, we don’t have any info if this client will be ready or available until the second phase.

Black Desert CBT2 FIshing Village Black Desert CBT2 Night on the Sea

Black Desert CBT2 Mobs  Black Desert CBT2 Mobs Black Desert CBT2 Mobs Black Desert CBT2 Mobs

As always, stay with us for more Black Desert updates as the development continues.

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