Black Desert CBT2

If you have been following Black Desert with us, you probably know that the 2nd Closed Beta is in full swing. We were lucky enough to get invited, thanks to Pearl Abyss, and now it’s time to take a look at the leveling process changes and the new features that were introduced in this testing phase.

I am now inviting you to a Black Desert journey through a series of Let’s Play Videos made by our friend Amaterasu. Popcorn is on the house. The first part of our journey will cover the leveling process and will provide some useful intels about the social and economical part of the game, an aspect that will be detailed in our next coverage.

Black Desert CBT2 – Let’s play the first levels P1 

During this video you will learn more about the Character Creation system and  get an overall look at the game’s settings and UI, while we are completing the Tutorial Quest chain (an instanced quest) that was added in this Closed Beta.

When talking about the Contribution system that awards players with points that can be used later in game for several actions like unlocking nods, he points to a previous guide made from the first CBT, so if you want to learn more about the Economy & Crafting features you should definitely check this guide (this can be a little outdated due to the recent development changes).

Black Desert CBT2 – Let’s play the first levels P2

In this video you’ll learn the combat basics and find out a short description of the Intimacy system (the NPC relation) which will be detailed in another video soon.

Black Desert CBT2 – Let’s play the first levels P3-P7

Basic questing with some little exploration because we like to get lost into the living open world, a realm perfectly designed by Pearl Abyss.

I forgot to mention that the “voiced NPCs” and “voiced quests” will be probably added in CBT3.

From our next coverage you should expect details about the weather effects, a quick look at fishing and a short preview of the housing system.

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