Look what I found when I was searching for some new info about ArcheAge KR. I understand that this is not really “new” but I am sure that many people didn’t knew about it.



So what is ArcheVille? ArcheVille it’s a game that involves managing and decorating your own village. Grow crops, raise animals and use the ingredients you obtain to build all sorts of things (like in FarmVille 2).

Kit out and interact with your cute Avatar (Minion as they call it, blame Koreans)


Adorable Pets




Take care of your Village and create items


Here comes the most important feature of this game and the reason why you will take it serious. This game is connected (will be for EU/NA region) to your ArcheAge MMO account


Now someone go and donate me an Iphone cause “Dear Santa” will be too late :)

                                   Apple iTunes


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