ArcheAge Glider

You probably saw a lot of people, especially enemies doing a lot of crazy stunts with their glider. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you will never manage to achieve their flying skills unless you will upgrade your glider.

During the next few minutes you will learn how to get a Speed Glider from your Simple Glider.

Archeage – Upgrading the Glider

ArcheAge Mirage Island Gliders Shop

First of all you need some plans (recipes) so head towards Mirage Island and at the gliders expo buy the following plans:

  • Plans: Superior Glider – 25 silver
  • Plans: Reinforced Glider – 50 silver
  • Plans: Speed Glider – 1 gold

At the gliders expo you will see some cool looking gliders (the last 4 models), but each plan costs 150 Delphic Stars so we will skip those for now and get only what we can afford in order to survive the harsh level 30+ war zones.

ArcheAge Glider Crafting

Now that we have the plans ready, go to a Bench, select the Engineering Tab and click on Gliders. We will use the Simple Glider that you have from quest as the basic piece (if you missed that quest you will need to craft it)

  • Craft Superior Glider – plans + Simple Glider and 25 LP (labor points)
  • Craft Reinforced Glider – plans + Superior Glider and 25 LP
  • Craft Speed Glider – plans + Reinforced Glider and 25 LP

That’s all you need to do in order to get this awesome glider that will unlock 3 new “air skills”

ArcheAge Speed Glider Skills

  • Reactive Raise – tosses the Glider several meters up (cooldown 30s)
  • Air Boom –  strikes the enemy with a hail of arrows, each dealing damage based on your level (range 20m, cooldown 3s)
  • Fire Sparks – targets the ground unit with a shower of sparks dealing damage based on your level (cooldown 12s)
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