Update 1.2 Preview

Jake Song and XLGames announced that they are preparing a new update for ArcheAge Korea known as Update 1.2. The update will be available on Test servers on April 16, 2014.

Here is a list with some of the changes that will come with update 1.2:

  • Increased XP rewards for level 50+
  • Increased XP for crafting
  • New farm features
  • Several new monsters
  • New method for crafting weapons
  • Enhanced UI system
  • New musical instruments

ArcheAge Update 1.2 Musical Instruments

So let’s do as short overview of these upcoming changes (there may be some translations issues so bare with me).

XP Rewards

The new system will increase the experience that a character gains from killing monsters on the Northern Continent when leveling from 50 to 55. Beside this, Daily Quest rewards will also give more XP when completed and we may see some increased rates for the old quests.

Latest Updates

We may see an addition in form of “PvP experience”, but we don’t know how this system will work.

The second change to the XP system will be an increased rate for crafting, depending on your profession level as you can see below

  • < 20.000 – same XP
  • 20.000-30.000 – 20% more XP
  • 30.000-40.000 – 40% more XP
  • 40.000-50.000 – 60% more XP
  • 50.000-70.000 – 80% more XP
  • 70.000-90.000 – 100% more XP

Farming Features

ArcheAge Update 1.2 Farming Features

Patch 1.2 will bring new farming features for level 50+ such as the big sunflower, pumpkin, pine and goose that will provide a better harvest and more xp.

  • Round Sunflower – Requires 25 sunflower seeds, 1 golden hammer, 4 ink and will grow in 4 hours
  • Round Pumpkin – Requires 25 pumpkin seeds, 4 golden hammers, 10 ink and will grow in 10 hours
  • Round Duck – Requires 25 ducklings, 8 golden hammers, 20 ink and will grow in 24 hours
  • Round Pine – Requires 25 pine seeds, 12 golden hammers and 45 ink

ArcheAge Update 1.2 New Farming Features

New Monsters

ArcheAge Update 1.2 New Monsters

Several new monsters (level 52-53) will be found on the Northern Continent, especially in the Library zone, as you can see in the screenshot below.

ArcheAge Update 1.2 New Monsters

UI Changes

A lot of changes will be made in the User Interface with new menus that will simplify the communication between players, but the most important ones will be:

  • The “Mail Group” that will allow players to collect their mails all at once (previously was one by one)

ArcheAge Update 1.2 New UI Features

  • The “Trade Checker” that will allow you to see the delivery percentage on different locations so you can plan your trade runs better

ArcheAge Update 1.2 New UI Features

  • The “Crafting Search” that will allow you to search through the entire crafting system

ArcheAge Update New UI Features

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