ArcheAge Server Problems

The latest ArcheAge RU maintenance brought new problems for the foreign players. Almost everybody is now getting the “Connection to server lost. Check your connection and make sure that the server does not carry out preventive work.”

At first we thought that the error was related with the extended maintenance, but now that the servers are up (as you can see on it seems that we will have to wait for a fix.

Some people reported that the issue has something to do with the latest English Patch that we were using. The only solution we found for the moment is to switch back the game_pak file*. You can do this by applying this “Back to RU” patch (the same way you did it with the English Patch).

*The Back to RU patch files were tested.

As soon as we get a new version for the ArcheAge English Patch I will post an update here, so stay with us for further details.

Day 1: There are several Banned accounts so until we find out what’s happening I sugest that you take a break from playing ArcheAge.

Beside the previous 2 accounts that were banned today we didn’t find any other complains so I guess they were banned for different reasons. Anyway I must say: Use It At Your Own Risk.

Day 2: There was a new maintenance today and most people experienced crashes when entering the game (at the intro cinematic). This has nothing to do with any patch that we applied as it was server side.

15:05 GMT: “Specialists aware of the problems with entering the game and are already engaged in eliminating them. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

15:20 GMT: “Problems logging into the game removed.”

ArcheAge should work well now, I managed to get in-game. Brb, learning russian.

Day 6: A new version for the English Patch will be released soon. The team behind this project already managed to connect, but there are still a few things to be tested. Will make a new post asap.

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