In our previous guide we talked a little about setting up a farm and starting the Blue Salt Consortium Trading Quests. Now it’s time to expand a little. You may have seen already some enhanced scarecrows that have a Pumpkin head on top, and if you don’t know I will tell you that these scarecrows will grant the owner more land, from 8×8 to 16×16.

How to get a Pumpkin Head Scarecrow and upgrade your farm

After searching the entire Mirage Island and other shops, I discovered that the Pumpkin Head plans are granted us a reward for completing the 4th Trade Quest. So all you have to do is continue your trading quest chain and you will earn it at the end.

To ease up this road a little I will provide you a short description of 3rd and 4th Trading Quest below:

Goods for Merianholda (3rd Trade Quest) will ask you to deliver a building block to the big village of Merianholda. For this block you will need to gather a lot of stone (90 pieces if I’m not mistaken) and process them on a stonemason until you have 30 blocks of stone.

In the picture below I marked an iron quarry where you can get iron/stone and rare minerals pretty fast, especially at late hours.

ArcheAge RU Iron Quarry Western Continent

Now that we have all the needed materials head over to the crafting station, get the building block, summon your new donkey and start the trade run. As you know already, at the end you will be able to choose either gold or Delphic Star.

ArcheAge RU 3rd Trade Quest Crafting Station  ArcheAge RU 3rd Trade Quest Finishing Location

Once we finished the 3rd trade run, we have only one more step, but this time we need to go into the enemy territory so if you have a guild member with a fast boat, ask him for help. You can do it solo, with your raw boat, but if you will encounter any pirates you will lose your precious cargo.

Good for East Teppa (the 4th Trading Quest) will ask you to deliver a Pale Yellow Dye to Teppa on the Eastern Continent. I didn’t took a screenshot of the Crafting station, but you should have it marked on the map.

For this quest you will need 100 Narcissus  that you can either gather, plant on your farm or buy from auction house. Once you crafted the Yellow Dye start crossing the Ocean to the Eastern Continent. You may need to do it several times, but it’s worth it.

If you get killed during your sea adventure you will lose the cargo and will need to start from the begining again.

ArcheAge RU Sailing to the Eastern Continent  ArcheAge RU 4th Trading Quest Finishing Location

After finishing the trade run, return to the Blue Salt Consortium NPC and get a Delphic Star and the Pumpkin Head.

At the moment you can’t have more than one Scarecrow at a time so you will need to destroy the old one in order to upgrade it. Don’t touch your old farm until you have 300 Beans (obtained from cutting trees) or 100 Timber Packages. Once you have these ready you can destroy your old scarecrow, get the plans from the mailbox and go to a Bench where you will craft the Pumpkin Head Scarecrow Plans.

ArcheAge RU Crafting Pumpkin head Scarecrow Plans

Once you have the plans you are ready to get your 16×16 farm plot, after paying a 3 gold tax.

For me the Trading Quests ended here, I don’t know if there will be more at higher levels, so now I plan to finish raising my Donkey to level 20 (so he can get a “dash” skill) and get a boat. It will take some time to get enough Delphic Stars and materials, but I will do a new guide as soon as possible.

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