Arrcheage Ru Free to Play

As expected, the Russian version of ArcheAge will be free. announced today, during Moscow press event, that their future business model for ArcheAge will be free-to-play (f2p). Their current version will be different from the Korean one, with more free features like building a house or a farm and the ability to reach max level without paying a dollar (or better say a ruble).

As most of the free-to-play titles, ArcheAge will have a premium account which will cost 300 rubles (around 10$). Premium account will feature a six time faster labor points recovery, an increased 20% XP and 50% drop rate (the numbers may change in the future) and a number of ArcheAge premium currency called “arc”. With arcs you will be able to buy different unique items from the premium shop. An important thing is that you will be able to get arcs in-game through different ways suchs as raiding, in case you don’t really want to spend any money and still have access to premium items.

The premium shop will not affect gameplay and will have things like cosmetic items, warehouse slots, inventory slots and labor points (Labor points don’t affect gameplay? Really I’ll keep an eye for more info from ArcheAge press coverage and if anything new pops out I’ll update this post.

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