ArcheAge Harpoon Boat

We built a scarecrow as our first farmland, raised a donkey to be able to make trade runs more efficient, upgraded the scarecrow to a 16×16 plot, what’s next? Well you can start crafting some gear, continue the offshore trade routes in order to collect enough Delphic coins for a farmhouse (50 coins) or you can get a fast boat to either be a “pirate” or a “trader” to distant lands.

Here the PVE players tend to separate from the PVP players since going overseas involves a certain amount of danger and risk. If you choose this path you will soon know the taste of losing your cargo from time to time, unless you have a powerful guild to protect you.

In the following ArcheAge guide I will explain what you have to do in order to get a boat, but first I will show you one of the ways of trading on the Western Continent. I don’t say this is the best, but this was the one I used and it worked pretty fast (for a game where a tree may take up to 5 days to grow).

If you have a guild that is organizing trade routes to the Eastern Continent go with them as you will get a better reward if you succeed, but if you don’t check my “Silk Road”.

Western Continent – Strawberry Jam Trade Route

As you know, from the previous quests, you need 100 Strawberries and one Merchant Certificate (50 silver) in order to craft the Strawberry Jam, an action that will cost you 60 working points. The crafting station is marked with 1 on the picture below.

I noticed that I am receiving less fruits now, when I’m not watering the crops, so beside the lowering time, watering seeds may give you a better amount of crops (I’m not 100% sure).

ArcheAge Western Continent Strawberry Jam Trade Route

Once you have the Strawberry Jam ready hop on your donkey and head to the first delivery spot (marked with 2). If you repeat this action over and over again you will notice that the price/reward will drop so instead of giving two Delphic coins the NPC will only offer you one.

At this moment it seems more convenient to refuse him and travel further to the next village (marked with 3). The last delivery point is a little further then the map shows, exactly on the big harbor. This is not the only route so if you have other supplies you can always try new ways.

To get a boat you will need to repeat this route until you have 30 Delphic coins, around 11 runs considering that you should have around 9 coins from the previous quests.

Building a Boat

Yes it’s building a boat not buying a boat, and it does cost a lot of materials. So let’s see what you have to do so you won’t repeat my mistakes.

ArcheAge Mirage Island Boats

Once you have 30 Delphic coins go to Mirage Island throughout any portal that you find all over the map and go down to the harbor where you will find three types of ships. Buy the plans for the smallest one.

ArcheAge Building a Boat

Now that you have the plans you need to find a suitable place, somewhere in deep waters, to place your building dock. You should know that for this step you need to have 10 Packaging Timber Construction and 10 Iron Bars/Ingots.

  • 10 Packaging Timber Construction = 30 Beans
  • 10 Iron Bars = 30 Iron Ores

The game says that the Building Dock is safe from any enemy attacks for the next 3 days and I don’t know if it can be destroyed after that period, so you better hurry up or place it once you have the materials ready (if you are a casual player).

For the next step you need a ton of materials such as 1 Cargo Timber Construction, 1 Load of Cloth and 1 Load of Iron.

  • 1 Cargo Timber Construction = 100 Packaging Timber Construction = 300 Beans
  • 1 Load of Fabrics = 100 Cloth of cotton or 100 Fabric of wool = 800 Cotton or 300 Wool
  • 1 Load of Iron = 100 Iron Bars = 300 Iron Ores

ArcheAge Boat Building Order

NOTE: It’s very important the order of crafting and that should be Timber -> Iron -> Cloth since you will have to carry (they are heavy weights) each Load to your building dock in that specific order.

To sum it up in order to build a small ship you need 30 Delphic coins, 330 Beans, 330 Iron Ores, 800 Cotton or 300 Wool  and over 1k Working Points if you are going to cut/melt each basic material into more advanced packages.

Fair Winds and Following Seas !!!

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