If you are here, you are probably tired of doing quests and ready to start getting involved in the “economical” part of ArcheAge. I’m not sure if this is the best way to get things started (I didn’t play on the Korean servers), but I will try to bring some light in the mysteries of crafting and trading.

In the following guide we will answer a few questions such as:

  1. How to build a farm?
  2. Where do I start my first trading quest?
  3. How do I get Delphic Stars (to build a boat or a house)?
  4. How do I get a donkey?

Setting up a farm

First of all you will need a place where you can farm. On the Russian version of ArcheAge in order to build any type of structure you will need to have a Premium Account (details on how to get it can be found here).

ArcheAge RU Scarecrow

As soon as you have your first 2 gold earned from questing or selling various gathered goods at the Auction House, you need to place up your Scarecrow a.k.a Safe Farm (you should have the scarecrow plans in your inventory from a previous quest). This will allow you to plant/harvest seeds, grow animals or even trees. You can plant these almost anywhere on the map, but another player will be able to steal them at any time, so if you don’t want to risk losing your goods, you need to use the Scarecrow.

First Trading Quest

The first Trading Quest (at least for the elves race) will ask you to craft a Strawberry Jam and deliver it to a near village. If you already placed your farm, buy 25 strawberry seeds  from the local market, get some water from the village fountain, plant and water them.

ArcheAge RU Strawberry Jam Crafting Station

The Strawberry Jam will need 100 strawberries and each seed will give you between 3 and 5 so after a few hours, you will be ready to craft the jam.  Head to the designated place marked on the map, buy a Merchant Certificate (the one that cost 50 silver), craft the Jam and slowly proceed towards the next village.

ArcheAge RU Strawberry Jam

When you reach the final destination you can either choose to turn the Strawberry Jam for gold or for a Delphic Star (a unique currency used to buy plans for boats, houses, etc.)

How to get a Donkey

Well you probably saw some players doing these trade runs with a donkey and you noticed that they are moving way faster than you, even if you have some teleporting skills. This donkey can be obtained by completing the second trading quest that I described below.

For the second Trading Quest things get a little more complicate and we need to learn some advance farming tips. The quest will ask you to craft a Pen Kvinedarskogo Goose (probably on the Eng. Version it will be called different, but until then we will name it “Goose Pen”) and for that you will need 50 Quills.

ArcheAge RU Farming Quills

Quills can be gathered from a goose, but you will need a fed one. A normal goose will only give you meat, while a fed one can provide both meat and quills. To feed a goose you will need to plant or buy beans and they take 17 hours to grow so you better plant them before you go to sleep so you can begin the second quest next day.

ArcheAge RU Goose Pen

Once you have 50 Quills go to the crafting village, marked on your map, buy a Merchant Certificate (same as above, the 50 silver one) and craft the “Goose Pen”.

Again, you will have to walk slowly towards the Human Village marked on map and at the end choose the gold or the Delphic Star. I know that at the beginning of your adventure you feel that you need a lot of gold, but my advice is that you choose the Delphic Stars and earn the gold through questing or selling mats.

ArcheAge RU Delphic Star

When finishing this trade run go to the npc and collect your reward, the Donkey.

ArcheAge RU Ranger Stall

As a bonus tip, to further enhance your trade run speed, you can buy a Rough Shield from any Ranger Stall (the stables that can be found in any town) to get a +5% bonus movement speed for your new Donkey.

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