ArcheAge RU Community Protests

Sometimes the “greed” of publishers is hidden behind the business model we know as “free-to-play”. Is it the same case here, in ArcheAge? Well, I can’t tell you that because I didn’t play the game on the Korean server to get a decent view of the economy, but from the latest community protest it seem like Arcs (the premium currency) will turn the game into a pay-to-win scenario.

The Russian MMORPG portal did a nice chart explaining ArcheAge RU business model. The system looks similar to other MMORPGS, but ArcheAge is set to be a competitive game, with territory wars and land control so players will be tempted to spend a lot of money to get in front of their competitors and so it will ruin the game economy.

ArcheAge RU Business Model

Now if it’s a good or bad monetization scheme it’s not important. Based on facts (the 1352 pages before close, forum posts and the images you saw here, can easily prove this) we know that the Russian community is enraged about this scheme and they are trying to make change its mind.

ArcheAge RU Community Protest s2

An online petition was already signed by over 7.000 players asking for a new monetization system. “The petition signed by a large number of players wasn’t left unattended. We passed all of your comments and concerns to ArcheAge developers. I’m sure they will be able to provide an explanation for this particular economic model” said Eugene Mikhno from “As soon as we have new information, we’ll share it right away”. I guess more info will be published at Igromir 2013, and I hope they won’t get stuck in the Blame the Developers – No. Blame the Publishers never ending story.

As always we will keep you updated. A little off topic: Maybe Trion Worlds delay will bring us a better business model since they are surely watching how the Russian market evolve. With this in mind, ArcheAge MUST be the MMO we dreamed and waited for all these years, there can’t be any excuses now.

Update: Here it’s another video showing the peacefull way that Russians chose to express their feelings

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