ArcheAge s1

Seems like is getting closer and closer to ending up the localization of the most popular MMORPG Archeage. On September 28th, 2013 a big meeting will take place in Moscow. Officials from will be showing a beta version for ArcheAge localized client.

Each major guild was invited along with the national gaming press so they expect around 100 people to take part in this event for the chance to talk with the head of, the ArcheAge team and several developers from XLGames. The possibility to record videos remains a mystery for the moment so we don’t know if we will be able to see the Russian version of ArcheAge in action.

ArcheAge s8

The meeting will cover the future closed beta event, and exclusive Q&A session and a discussion about crafting system (I guess the labor points system is the issue here), PvP and other important game systems for the Russian version. If any news, hints or videos pops up after this event I will let you know in a future post. We are still waiting for some updates from Trion Worlds about the Western version of Archeage.

UPDATE: As expected here is what Trion Worlds have to say about ArcheAge.

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