ArcheAge Ru Siege

As we reported last week, officially presented the first version for ArcheAge Russian client and announced their plans for the free-to-play business model. After the press event the Russian community considered that this freemium model will ruin ArcheAge’s economy and decided to strongly protest against choices. Today, said they received the answers from XLGames (a petition concerning the business model was previously sent) and came up with three new variations.

  1. Refine the existing “Arch” model
  2.  Start a new Russian version of F2P model, something similar with the version that is available on the Korean servers at the moment.
  3. Run both models (I guess different servers – different types)

They plan to further discuss this matter in the upcoming weeks and give a final decision prior to the beginning of Closed Beta Tests. Russian players can share their opinion about these new models on a special thread on the ArcheAge official forums. It seems like a battle was won, but the war isn’t over.

Gratz to the Russian community for not taking everything their publishers are throwing to them. I’m wondering if Korean Companies really have to say something about the business model that Western Publishers will choose. Can anyone confirm this for any title?

I’m sure they get involved in the content updates and changes, but if you pay for the publishing rights you should be able to choose your own model that best fits your market.  For me it’s more like a marketing move “blame the developers” thing, you need more time to solve a problem, say that you are going to contact the Koreans, wait for a week (in 2013 where you can get an answer in less than 24 hours) and then come up with a brand new solution, “approved by the Koreans” of course.

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