After several months of testing, GameOn announced that ArcheAge Japan will launch on July 23rd, 2013. Although Koreea turned to F2P model, which is getting more popular even on the Asian market, ArcheAge JP will have a subscription fee business model.

Prices for ArcheAge are: One day pass 250 yen (2.50$) 30 days pass 1750 yen (17.49$) and 90 days pass 5000 yen (50$). They will also sell  Store Items like character slot expansion, various avatar items and some consumption items (prices for the store items will be announced at a later date). Playing ArcheAge from an internet cafe will also provide some benefits including a double recovery rate of the labor points.

I can bet that in three months they will switch to free-to-play, but only time will tell., the ArcheAge publisher in Russia, released today the first localization screenshots. Some parts are still in Korean, but they are made to show the progress and keep up the hype. They also promised that in the near future they will provide more screenshots and trailers.


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