In a recent interview made by Choi Chung-ho, head of development for XLGames, talks about the new state system and future development plans for ArcheAge. As I don’t know any Korean the following interview is a Korean-Russian-English translation. I know that many players are waiting for this game so until Trion Worlds starts sharing some information we have to search the Asian market to get a clue about the future changes.

Q: Could you briefly describe the system of states? A: In order to understand the system of factions in ArcheAge, just look at the history of mankind. In Europe, the one who grabbed the land automatically became the feudal lord of the area. The one who was able to subdue all the feudal lords became king. During the preparation of this element the game we had to make considerable efforts to develop a precise plan a similar evolution of the state. With the opening of the Original continent we have offered players the community, allowing it to explore. By combining the power of these groups, you can create a state system of allowing users still unites exclusively in the guild, create alliances. Government, organized in such a way to recognize the independence of the former factions of East and West continents and can choose the path of development. With the function of diplomatic relations, they will be able to unite the factions declare war or other players or entire continents. That is, the player is able to gain independence from the former system, and the residents of East and West over the world can finally become neighbors. This is very important because the players have the opportunity to own, without the involvement of the developer, to decide what the opposition will be realized in the world.


In: Medieval Europe. That is, there will the concept of nobility and ordinary peasants? A: First, I must say that in any state to be king, has unlimited power and collects taxes from his subjects. If previously you had to pay tax on the continent, it is now the ruler of the faction itself sets the amount of taxes and controls. He has unlimited power to transfer the rights to another user can not. This is different from the rulers of locks and to create a sense of presence in this realm. But if the king for a long time does not appear in the game, his powers are transferred to another player. King has the right to break the law, you can not blame him (but still karma points are awarded). Is it possible to put the king in jail? Only if he decides that he deserved punishment. Here is a brief rights of the king. If he wants to – at the same time be able to be the head of the guild that owns the castle. To obtain such rights and sit on the throne, it is necessary to gather the clan and become independent. But retain the right to the throne is also not easy.Ordinary citizens and will be called. They are entitled to as much as necessary to migrate from country to country.In case of war between states residents are its members. If there is no desire to fight, then you can stay in a safe area and enjoy the usual gameplay. In the case of the disappearance of the state of its citizens once again come under the auspices of the Eastern or the Western world.

Q: If a large number of states will begin to build alliances and declare war, not too many things fall into continents?A: After the appearance of the players themselves decide with whom to be friends with and who – to fight. And, of course, diplomatic ties in the game will be much more difficult. To avoid confusion, in July, we plan to add an interface that allows you to see the entire political picture of the world as a whole.

Q: How can I will support and develop the state? Will the revolution possible and whether systems such as the system of states? A: Each state has a king, below him in rank – the guild holding locks. If a clan unhappy monarch, its members can declare independence and create a new faction. It’s like a revolution. But the country without a king can not be.

Q: Are there any possible battle between countries? Or massive battles in the fields? A: Maybe, but in these battles will be activated current system sieges. Simply troops besieging will consist of the states, and in random battles will be possible emergence of other groups. In this partnership will diversify such confrontation.

Q: Will there be regular users need to join a guild or faction? A: The system should solve the problem of imbalance over the world. Now we see this on multiple servers. Users can now move into independent states and to determine their own policies.


Q: Should I be concerned about the state of the system? A: First of all, it was very difficult to determine the relationship between countries and continents. After creating a faction players will have to choose what kind of relationship they will have with other countries. If we force them to fight the continents, there is a lot of problems, because there would be a possibility that will have to fight with a server. Therefore, we have decided that at the time the state is in friendly relations with the continent, and then can go against it.

Q: It is said, but war factions, ArcheAge quite a bit of entertainment. Apparently, the system of user state also is directed to the development of cooperation between the players? A: First, it should be noted that the content of essential not only for RvR. I have already mentioned the example: those who used to be difficult to travel between continents, will now have the opportunity – depending on the prevailing political relations in the world. We are also working on the possibility of introducing a variety of effects, and the gains that will act on the citizens of states. The system will be extended further. Besides custom factions, we are planning a lot of different updates, aimed at solo players. For example, the new instance in which a minimum number of characters needed to pass, will be reduced from 10 to 1-3. Soon there will be additional arena for groups and individuals.

Q: When the opportunity to play for free, ArcheAge appeared many newcomers. Is it too difficult for them to play on the servers already developed, in particular, to participate in the siege and to farm? A: We do our best to help beginners get the most enjoyment from the game. Therefore, fields were added, which can be rented, and the like will appear more often. For example, one of the scheduled update is aimed at improving the initial stage of development of the character.

Q: How does the system of impact on ArcheAge? A: Now every player will leave a mark in the history of the world.July’s update will contain content that allows the state to create, manage, and destroy them. I am very curious as to the impact of the members on what is happening in the game. We will continuously monitor the situation and follow the comments.

Q: Your wishes for ArcheAge. A: After this update, each player will be able to say, “I’ve been involved in the creation of ArcheAge». I hope that all members will take part in the creation of a new history of the game world.

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