Snail Games is preparing a new update for Age of Wushu. It seems like Lengend of Mount Hua was the first piece from a series of “Legends”. This update that will go live this winter will bring new instances hidden within your won school, coveted new scripts to master, ultimate powers and the Marriage system.

Let’s take a look at these new features:

Secret Scripts. Wushu Master will be put to the truest of tests as they attempt to learn and try to master the Sunflower Manual and Star Vortex, the scripts that once hurled the world of Jianghu into chaos.

age of wushu secret scripts

School Instances. Take down the obstacles for glory, power and a chance at something truly Ultimate in the forbidden grounds that opened at your Age of Wushu School’s Scene.

age of wushu school instances s1       age of wushu school instances s2

Ultimate Scrolls. Slice a path through other schools on your way to bring your school to new hights with the Final Inner Skill.

age of wushu ultimate scrolls

Marriage System. Announce your love for another Master with a festival filled with fireworks and dancing while keeping an eye opened for uninvited crasher attempting to ruin your big day.

age of wushu marriage system

A more detailed preview for the winter update will be available soon on Age of Wushu official site.

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